Portrait Photographer

Ten years ago, I picked up a digital camera because I could not afford to hire a professional photographer for an ecommerce project I was launching. I never would have guessed it would lead me to a passion I still have. Even though the blendnewyork website is no longer selling women’s fashion and art from New York City designers, I am forever grateful because it led me to where I am today.

I work with individuals from all backgrounds and professions to create images that are complimentary and believable. It’s so much better (in my opinion) to take a portrait photo of someone naturally smiling or finding an expression on their face that is truly themselves, rather than taking a photo of someone faking an emotion.. I think most people, whether aware of it or not, can see and feel innately if a portrait of someone is really showing who they are or a “posed” persona of themselves. Now, posing isn’t terrible, it’s needed in many other situations. However, when it comes to portraiture, getting the real self of someone, shot in such a small clip of time, is what drives my creativity towards portraits. I pride myself on being able to capture life’s memorable moments and am grateful to be included in so many creative projects.

NY portrait photographer Christine Abbate, BLEND NEW YORK INC., is available to work in the following areas:
Long Island, Queens, NYC, Connecticut, Hamptons.